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UKCCL's main objective  is really simple; that people have fun playing games online. To achieve this we have gradually created a set  rules to make the conditions as enjoyable as possible for people to compete in. The rules are listed below, we have categorised them to make it easier to digest. For those new to the UKCCL, the Clan Deathmatch league is a 4 on 4 league.


General behavior

The Game Format


Rules governing Clan and Players


Pre-match procedure

The Match Settings

The Match

After the Match



While you are in any specific 'UKCCL' enviroment i.e. IRC channel #ukccl and any of the UKCCL servers you are expected to act responsibly.

Continuous disruptive behaviour and foul language will not be tolerated.

Spamming by the participants is not allowed  in IRC or on the servers.

All the Admins help me run the UKCCL voluntarily (unpaid) and consequently I fully expect them to be treated respectfully, complaint made to me by admins will be dealt with severly.

Unauthorised use of the UKCCL match servers is prohibited, and any devious methods attempted to find out the various UKCCL Admin and general rcon passwords will be dealt with sharply.

Any 'repeat offenders' will be banned from participating in UKCCL leagues.


The UKCCL is a four-v-four league. With the only restrictions imposed are the way people connect and nationality. The simple chart below indicates what variety of players you can field. In each case you can only field 1 non-UK/Eire player.

4  Modemers

3  Modemers and 1 LPB

3  Modemers and 1 SLPB

2  Modemers and 2 LPB's

2  Modemers, 1 LPB and 1 SLPB

See item 3 below for connection classifications.

HPBs, LPBs and SLPBs

The way players connect to the UKCCL match servers is split into 3 sections.

HPB: If you use a standard analogue modem (28.8,33,56,v90) you are classed as a HPB.

LPB: This class includes all players  who do not connect to the net with a modem (see above) and do not fit into the category below.

Finally we have the SLPB: To qualify for this category you have to have a connection that provides you with a ping of consistently less than 40.  Some players have the luxury of University connections or play from their place of work, even though some ISDN players hit the sub 40 ping mark, not many servers/connections can maintain this... This last classification is under review but time being you must abide by it without exception.

For references:

HPB:High Ping Bastard
LPB:Low Ping Bastard
SLPB:Super Low Ping Bastard



A clan must have a minimum of 3 players to play a match. If for some reason you have to field 3 players , the other team will still be allowed to field 4. If you start a match with 4 or 3 players and then lose players due to disconnections or whatever, you will be allowed to continue i.e. you can continue with 2 players or even 1 player. Of course you may well  be better off ' forfeiting' the game at this stage.

You are positively encouraged to bring back ups for your matches in case of players disconnecting. The maximum amount of players you may have on the match server is 5, made up of 4 players and 1 'back up'.  Your other clan members may of course 'watch' the game through GameSpy refreshes, and will be allowed to join the server provided that you
do not have more than 5 on the server at any on time.. If you do bring more than 5 Clan members on a server, one will be asked to leave by the admins, if they do not leave immediately they will be 'kicked', please take heed of this warning as the admin may kick a random back-up member of your team.

Clans are only allowed to field fully fledged members. You can not field members that are not on the list of players you submitted at the start of the season.
We insist that you rigidly adhere to the same Quake 2 name throughout the Season. If you join a match server using a different name you run the risk of being kicked without being asked first. In the instances where there is one more than one player using same the  PC for different Clans, you must have your own .cfg sorted ( it's not difficult). If an admin sees a player from another Clan  joining the server or a player joining a server and then changing his name, they will be kicked.

The use of 'bots' to improve your gameplay in any way shape or form is
totally forbidden. The use of hacked exe's and the VSE timers are banned. Anyone caught  will be kicked out of the UKCCL with no prospect of return. Your name will also be forwarded to other leagues and server admins.  

A database of all players in UKCCL Clans is available for  the admins to check you are not fielding an unregistered member. This list will be made available for public consumption soon ( minus private information of course). 

Important amendment

The list of players for your Clan can only be updated once in a Season. I will accept updated lists at the end of the 3rd week of the Season. ( no later than November 5th). This updated list must be in the same format as the original one you sent in, i.e. ALL the information you sent in the first time including your additions and any withdrawals. I will only accept e-mailed updates, irc and icq messages are not valid. The e-mail heading/subject must look like this:

Update {Abfab}

Where AbFab will be replaced by your Clan name. Please attach the relevant .txt or .xls to the mail and there is no need to Zip it up.

Players are NOT allowed to play for more than 1 Clan in UKCCL games. If you leave one Clan to join another you will have to wait until you are registered with your new Clan before you can play for them. Please note that you are allowed to play in different leagues for different Clans, e.g. you can play in the SAVAGE CTF   for one Clan and play for a different Clan in UKCCL. The reason for this is that several Clans only play CTF/LMCTF and some of their members also want some DM action. The same applies to Wireplay Clans, WP only clan members can play for UKCCL Clans.


If a clan has less than 3 players or does not turn up they will lose the match by default. A default win is worth 30 points and 50 frags.
The only exception to this is if a clan can't make a match they must give at least 3 days notice to me via e-mail (not icq).
However, clans are only allowed to do this once ! It stops people abusing the system. If a clan fails to turn up without prior notice they will be given a warning. If they fail to turn up a second time they will be suspended for the rest of the season. They will be allowed to rejoin at the start of the next season it there is room.

Important addition

Any Clan that defaults a match will lose 5 points. If you default a second match for whatever reason you will be removed from the league.


The match Schedule is always available on this website shortly before commencement of the new season, therefore any claims of being unaware of the time of the match are simply ignored.

One representative of your clan, usually the clan leader is expected to be in irc channel #ukccl at about 10 minutes before the match is due to start. The main function of the chat room is for the admins to inform the teams that their server is ready for them to join and give out IP addresses and passwords. The room is also for people to chat about anything they desire while keeping a VERY close eye on what their match admin informs them. As match nights are exceptionally busy periods we ask that no more than two members of your clan be in the chat room at any one time.

As soon as your match admin is ready for your game he will give out   the relevant IP address and password, and you and your clan are expected to join the server without delay. Please do not join the server until you have been asked to so .

Every effort is made to start the match at the scheduled time. We cannot be held responsible for matches running late. The 'default' waiting period is 10 minutes, if you are not ready by this time you will lose the match by default. While we expect you to be patient and 'wait' for us to sort out any problems, we do however appreciate sometimes overly long delays mean that your team is no longer available in which case I will organise a replay. Please note though that because we have in excess of 50 matches a week to get through, a replay is an absolute last resort..

The Admins are under strict instruction to make sure the match starts on time. If they see a Clan taking too long to come to the server or to 'ready up' they will force the match to start. If at this point you do not have a full complement of troops ready to start the match I'm afraid it's your own fault. Your late members can join the match as they arrive using the join code. The reason I'm implementing this rule is because if one match runs late then all the following matches will also run late.

Sometimes servers crash. It's a fact of life, or rather a fact of Quake 2. We have no control over this, and hurling abuse at the admins when this happens helps no-one. If your server crashes please return to the #ukccl channel and await instructions. It there is an unresolvable problem the match will be postponed to be replayed at a later date. Your match may be postponed because it's too far behind schedule, so that the remaining matches can go ahead on time.


Each match is 20 minutes long. When the admin gives the signal that the match is about to start you will receive a 10 second countdown. Throughout the Match the remaining time is displayed on your screen, and you there is another 10 second audible countdown to the end of the match.

The 'teamplay' setting used in all UKCCL match is 'TP 3' which means that you can damage your team mates armour but NOT your teammates health, therefore clearly 'friendly kills' don't occur.

The 'weaponstay' setting is 'OFF'. Once you pick up a weapon it disappears for 30 seconds and then reappears. This setting encourages team play and 'area guarding'.

Spawn Protection is set at 1 second, which should in most cases allow the newly spawned player a chance to get off the pad by which time they will be fair game.

The team name will be changed by the admin, and the skins used are ukcclred and ukcclblue

Your joincode will have been set by the admins. It will always be your Clan name. Team Captains must not change the joincode.

For anyone wishing to run a UKCCL Rules server, the actual settings are as follows:

tl 20

fl 0

tp 3

dmf 368

spawnprot 1



Upon joining the server you will find that the team names available to join are appropriate to your match, simply select the required team using [ or ] and enter, or hit the tilde key to bring down the console and type in <team WAW> where WAW is your team name.

The Joincode will have been set by the admin if not the team Captain should set a joincode for his team,  in the event of one or more of players disconnecting they will be able to rejoin without too much delay. If you are unfamiliar with the Battleground MOD and particularly joincodes I strongly suggest you visit the BG website  http://www.planetquake.com/battle/ The admin will be able to assist you with most  problems during the match but you are expected to be fully conversant with the BG MOD. Please do not change the joincode for your team, it must always be your Clan name.

There is a default warm session before the match, once this is over you are required to 'ready up' your admin will tell you when to do this so please keep monitoring the on-screen  messages for you cue to do this. All you need to do is type <ready> at the console. Once everyone is ready the countdown will commence. If players are late getting to the server or do not respond to the Admins commands, a match will be forced to start.

Both teams will be using male models, one with the ukcclblue skin and one with the ukcclred skin. The .zip file containing these skins is available from the Files section of this website. If you do not have these two skins installed in your quake2/baseq2/players/male  folder then all the other players in the game will appear as 'grunts', in other words you wil not be able to distinguish between friend and foe. Clearly the game will be rendered unplayable. The admins will not change the skin and model to accommodate anyone hasn't downloaded the skins. So please make sure you and all your clan members have it.

The UKCCL has NO rules whatsoever on what constitutes tactics. If you want to camp the BFG for the entire 20 minutes it's entirely up to you.


Here at UKCCL we do not pretend that we always get it right. We do ask that if for any reason after your match you aren't happy with something that you take a deep breath and leave the server, make a note of your complaint and then mail me at vincent@ukccl.net and explain what the problem is.
You must remember that the admins are very busy on Match nights and simply do not have the time to look into anyone's complaints on the spot. They are not
ignoring you they are just getting on with sorting everyone else out.

Instructions for uploading demos:

Create a description file using the format DCvCWFs1w4.txt* (* DENOTES CLAN NAMES SEASON NUMBER AND WEEK NUMBER) with the following body text


Uploaded by <NAME> <E-MAIL ADDRESS> on <DATE>

Zip the demo and the description file together using the same file name as the text file

FTP the file to www.ukccl.net using anonymous access

Send an e-mail to opitomiser@ukccl.net with the subject "demo uploaded"

The demo will then be made available for download