UKCCL no longer live. This site is for memories of the great game.
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This site is no longer live. It has been rebuilt in tribute to something that helped spawn some of the largest online communities around games in the UK. Treat this site as info and archive purposes only. Now that's clear I'll get on with the intro.

In March 1998 Vincent Vega started the UKCCL. It stood for "United Kingdom Clan Carnage League" and was setup for a place to run and organise 4v4 Quake 2 Team Death Match games online.

As the seasons went on more and more players/clans joined the UKCCL and I believe Season 6 was the largest it ever got, with 124 clans taking part.

We had only 1 LAN during this time though which looking back on it was a real shame. But as we were just gamers organising online leagues we didn't have the resources or money to run LANs every few months. Anyway, towards the end of 1998 we held the "UK Frenzy" in Blackpool with 120+ gamers over 3 days. Our first and only UKCCL LAN! If I get enough time and data I'll write this up too.

In the mean time I've created this small site in memory of what started mine and thousands of other players' online gaming love for Q2 (still by far the best online multiplayer game there's ever been :D). Even though I've spent more time helping to run Savage I do miss my UKCCL days and it's a real shame they'll never come back. :(

Savage was born only 2 months after the UKCCL, by KlanWolf. During the next few years the organisers of both the online leagues met several times to talk about the UK's online gaming status and what we could do to make it better. There was a lot of communication between our 2 organisations and I like to think that in an ideal World we'd have been under the same banner running DM and CTF leagues together. As it happens, it never transpired to anything serious.

I started helping Vince in Season 2 and with {AbFab}Opitomiser providing the servers & keeping the website up to date with Vince, and Witz in IRC we just needed the admins. Getting regular admins though wasn't as easy as you might expect. I often ran several games at the same time on the same PC when we were short staffed. On a 33.6k modem it was laughable at best! As the Seasons went on we got the regular admins and I have to say that {AbFab}Bubbles (Vince's wife) was like a rock. I think even one of Vince & Bubbles' son started admining at one point. Talk about keeping it in the family :D

Until Season 7 the league was simply called UKCCL. Then with expansion of ideas came the Quad League (4v4v4v4) renaming the Q2 4v4 league to the "Bloodbath League". The growth of the leagues steadily increased and finally levelled off with a 'mere' 124 Clans in the "Bloodbath League", making it the biggest Q2 league in the world.

Comfortably over 2000 matches had been scheduled, played and admined since Season 1 to Season 7, in the process racking up in excess of 300,000 frags.

I hope this site will bring back some memories for you :) If you have any demos, screenshots or data on any of the matches on this site (including the cups) please email them to me! If you've read this far and still haven't twigged that the UKCCL is no longer running then please see a doctor soon.